"I can make good choices and treat others with kindness"
This is our classroom motto and we are working hard to treat each other with kindess so that we are all safe, and being treated fairly.

The holidays are fast approaching!
We are exciting about our upcoming Christmas party! We are looking forward to sharing our favourite treats with our friends, and participating in crafts and activities on our last day of school before Christmas break starts!
In English, we are beginning to learn about long vowels and are beginning with the silent e strategy. For example; we are turning the word c-u-t into c-u-t-e! It has been very exciting for us to transform words with the magical silent e using our e-wand!
In Science, we have started a project all about animals. We have all picked our favourite animal are are using questions to do our research on them. As a class we are researchiing Polar Bears! It has been fun and exciting to learn things we never knew before!
In Social Studies, we are learning about Canada on a map. We are learning about where Canada is on a map, what are province is called, and even where to find our city! Students will continue learning about important things like knowing their address, and phone numbers!
In Math, we are learning about counting by 5's and 10's. Students are using different strategies to help them count. This week we have been focusing on grouping objects to help us skip count faster and find out the number with lightning speed. I encourage you to ask your child to count a variety of objects in the house for you by making groups! We even counted our classroom scissors!
On this website you will find information about myself, what we are currently covering in the Manitoba Curriculum, term overviews, and look at what is to come next in our learning journey. 
Not only will you be able to get a glance into what we are doing in the classroom, this site will provide you with biweekly updates on the classroom's progress and significant events at Dashmesh School. Newsletters and important handouts will also be available on this site for reference.
Photos of our learning journey will be displayed on this website to give you a quick look into our learning adventure here at Dasmesh School.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time throughout this school year for continued success!
Thank you!

WELCOME to Grade one, students,  PARENTS and FAMILY